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Sfumatura Scenes: A Very Special Connection

F/X did solid business at the box office and went on to spawn a sequel or two. The film also created a connection and then fostered a lifelong partnership between Donald Southern and Cliff Schorr both in business and in life.

Meeting in 1985 during the production of F/X Cliff Schorr and Donald Southern got together in this pivotal time. Little did they know that this meeting would be kismet and that magic and creation was right around the corner for them. The creation of Sfumatura would not be far off from this initial meeting on the F/X set.

Dodi Fayed was one of the executive producers of F/X. He was fresh off the success of "Chariots of Fire" as an executive producer and went on to executive produce a number of other films. We know the sad ending of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in 1997. Cliff and Donald meeting Dodi Fayed on set left a lasting impression. "He was a very nice man. He was respectful and appreciative of the work we did," Donald recalled.

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