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Sfumatura Creates an Atmosphere

Sfumatura is a feeling; it’s a way of seeing. Sfumatura sets a tone; it embellishes a space without overtaking the designer’s intent. Sfumatura is a unique decorative textile, an artful wall covering unlike any mass-manufactured product sold directly to the trade.

Sfumatura can play a prominent role in a setting that is meant to be traditional, classic. It can also star in a contemporary, modern setting.

Over 25 years ago, Creative Director Cliff Schorr experienced the moment of profound insight that gave birth to Sfumatura. His creative psyche reflects a deep understanding and appreciation of the color and layering techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci, as evidenced in The Master’s “Mona Lisa” painting.

Mr. Schorr explains Sfumatura this way: “Sfumatura is created by applying many layers of broken, transparent, and semi-transparent color to fabric. It exists somewhere between an ethereal cloud and the richness of stone.” Yes indeed, it is close to poetry! Resplendent, elegant, and surprisingly substantial to the touch, Sfumatura transforms ordinary spaces into luxurious and rich-looking settings that create exuberant ambiance and the comfort of kings.

While stunningly beautiful, Sfumatura can resolve some of the most difficult issues that problematic spaces, historic renovations, and other decorating challenges present. Sfumatura can disguise or cover unattractive, disfigured walls in beautiful ways. It naturally follows all the curves and turns in the wall and can also be used to upholster walls. Sfumatura’s cloth and multi-stage color process is the perfect antidote for all kinds of “designer’s dilemmas”.

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