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Cliff and Donald

This is the winning combination that made magic together and brought forth Sfumatura.

From Storied Beginnings...

This is the first part of the story. We are writing the next chapter now with you in mind.

In only rare instances do meetings have kismet and magic written all over them. Such was the felicitous 1985 first encounter of theatrical scenic artists Cliff Shorr and Donald Southern on the New York City set of the film “F/X”. On that day, Cliff was following through on his most recent flash of creative inspiration and shared with Donald the initial experimental hand-painted textile wall coverings that would eventually be named “Sfumatura” in homage to Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath, and what he was doing in fifteenth-century Florence.

Donald was suitably impressed with both Cliff’s invention and its beautiful result, realizing instantaneously that he was witnessing the creation of a new category of decorative wall coverings—actually a new category of “wall art”, one-of-a-kind richly-colored contemporary interpretations of ancient Venetian, Roman, and Pompeiian walls that can transport the viewer variously to an Old World Mediterranean setting or an exclusive club scene in New York City or Los Angeles.

This fateful moment marked the birth of Messrs. Schorr and Southern’s bespoke hand-painted textile wall coverings— the tactile, luminous, richly-colored high-end wall coverings that East Coast design professionals and Hollywood celebrities have installed in their distinguished residential and commercial properties throughout the US and Mexico for more than 25 years.

In the recent past, Sfumatura offered three hand-painted luxury product and color lines accessible to the trade through a select number of noteworthy showrooms. As times have changed and circumstances changed, Sfumatura has changed. We're now a fully digitally printed line of wallcoverings and offering pillows and soft goods offering our products both direct to consumers as well as to the trade. Join us for our very exciting transformation!

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